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At AnjaneyaP Inc., no two implementations are they same. Each client comes with its unique challenges, technologies and culture. As leaders, we work at the confluence of innovation and experience. Our team brings many years of experience from working with various sizes of clients from all kinds of industries and experience working at the edge of new technology implementation. We are bold and all about empowering people to be more and do more using technology.



Smart factories and accelerated delivery of innovative products. We deploy the latest technology to drive operational efficiency while providing manufacturers with the insight to build smart businesses and products, and take advatage of opportunities.



Innovative and Responsive retail businesses. The retail industry is fast transforming. To remain relevant, retailers must learn and respond to customer taste as fast as they change. We build modern and intelligent digital platforms to drive agility and help engage customers in unique ways.



Efficient transportation systems, continuous value creation. Tools for the efficient movement of people, goods and services. Our solutions help businesses operate efficiently, with intelligent IOT platforms for fleet and asset tracking and management.


Power & Utilities

Digital innovation transforming how energy is delivered to the end user. Our solutions help power and utility companies achieve operational and cost efficiency, deliver energy more reliably, build smarter distribution grids and give customers the best experience.


Banking & Finance

Secure and innovative financial institutions driving value. Our implementations cover core banking, payments, risks & fraud, customer experience, customer insight & aquisition, technology advisory, etc.



Empowered stakeholders and smart healthcare delivery. The biggest challenges of providers include making smart data-driven decisions, engaging patients in safe and convenient ways, empowering patients to take charge of their health, compliant engagement of



Modernized Government agency delivering on mandate. Secure, compliant and reliable platforms to enable government agencies to execute their mandates. For all levels of clearance, we deploy platforms providing top security and compliance for all kinds of missions.


Non - Profit

Responding to disasters or helping prevent one, we deploy intelligent technologies for nonprofits. We help bring their ‘A’ game on, from managing stakeholders, managing data, through analyzing data to make sense of situations or predict outcomes.