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Industry leading platforms to provide end-to-end protection for your data and applications. Our applications are built with innovative next generation technologies, providing the tools and processes to secure data and applications. Our mission is to create the most secure digital work environments so companies can focus on what they do best. Take a look at our portfolio of products.

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Cyber Cop

Real time monitoring of systems and networks. Identify anomalies, eliminate threats.


CyberCop X

Intelligent Cyber Security application unifying security data for real time detection and end-to-end visibility.


Cyber Alert

360° cyber awareness and alert system for realtime threat reporting and updates to users .

Prevent And Block Cyber AttacksCyber attacks come in various shapes and forms. Our products have you covered.

Cyber criminals employ similar hack tactics and methodologies to get access to your systems and data. Below is a quick preview of the fundamental methodologies used to exploit vulnerabilities in organisational systems. See list of common attacks.


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