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Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become even more critical for every business as we deploy new technology to open new possibilities. According to Forbes, the average cost of a data breach to a company is about $3.86 million. The cost of recovering from these breaches and compromised business systems increases sharply for every additional data point compromised. Keeping cyber criminals away from your assets is important to the survival of businesses now. Efficiently blocking and responding to these attacks is absolutely key for every company. This is where AnjaneyaP Inc. comes in, we provide intelligent solutions to provide the safest environments to safeguard your data and applications while you focus on innovations and building your business.

Our Cyber Security Solutions


Risk Detection & Response

Automate and use our innovative AI platforms to detect and respond to threats.


Vulnerability Audits & Analysis

Our team of experts rigorously test infrastructure and systems to identify and manage potential risks.


Identity & Access Management

IAM Solutions to define, manage and enforce user access privileges across your organisation.


Cloud Security

End to End security for you cloud. Safeguard your cloud environments, workload, containers and DevOps.


Data Protection

We help keep your data private with our data security solutions. The highest level of compliance to keep data safe.


Infrastructure Security

Protect your network infrastructure from threats. Control access to your instance and applications

Explore Our Cloud Solutions


Unleash innovatation by removing bottle necks posed by capacity restrictions and legacy infrastructure..


Overall IT costs has a great impact on the bottom line. Moving to cloud can save you 10% to 20% of your IT costs


Develop fast, you save over 70% of the time you use to manage your IT so you focus on development


Enjoy flexibility. Capacity, technology and cost can be restrictive, not a problem on cloud.