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Internet Of Things (IOT)

The increasing number of smart devices in homes, offices and factories presents endless possibilities. Connecting these devices presents opportunities to generate penetrating insight from the data these devices gather. IOT enables companies control, monitor assets and their performances, drive productivity and efficiency. Our experts provide end to end IOT solutions.

IOT Solutions


IOT Design & Deployment

Our team designs IOT implementations for various industries. We bridge the gap between devices, infrastructure and technologies.


IOT Management Platform

AI enabled IOT products and platforms to help organizations connect, manage, monitor devices and infrastructure, automate and analyze device data.


IoT Security

AnjaneyaP Inc.s provides security solutions for IoT devices, infrastructure and networks. Continuously monitor, defend and block attacks with our defender application.


IoT Advisory Services

Consulting and advisory services for IoT systems. Our experts audit, test and identify vulnerabilities, optimize and provide implementation guidance.

Move Forward with Innovative IOT Solution

Use Cases

Smart Buildings & Cities

Vehicle and Fleet Management Solutions

Automation and Monitoring of Equipment and Processes

Smart Factories

Ware House Management

Asset Management